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We Connect Business Buyers, Sellers and Communities

BC Business Match is a program that helps entrepreneurs and their families to find the right business for their skills and interests, and relocate from large urban centers. It's an initiative designed to sustain and grow the local economies of non-metropolitan BC communities and is spearheaded by Community Futures, a non-profit organization with offices throughout BC.

The program closed on March 31st, 2022. 


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

Overview Video

Our Formula for Success

We know from experience that the right conditions need to be created for a business purchase to succeed over the long term. Until now, the options that existed only helped with one aspect of the process and in our opinion, didn't go far enough. It's a big decision, and we're committed to helping buyers and sellers at every step of the way.


The Reality of the Market

Our research has shown that a critical number of longstanding businesses in non-metro BC are looking for new owners. In many communities, the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a driver for early retirements from business ownership. The timing for mass business succession coincides with a rising cost of living in metro BC, extreme competition for gainful employment, a growing interest in entrepreneurship, record low interest rates from lenders, and new advances in technology that allow business owners to reach customers anywhere in the world. 

Our Values

This is about The Big Picture, not about profit. Non-metro BC communities have a lot to offer the right person, and a well-made Business Match is more likely to succeed. 

With a little help from our team at BC Business Match, entrepreneurs can realize their dreams, business sellers can rest easy knowing they found the right buyer, and BC communities can continue to enjoy the great local businesses they rely on.

About Community Futures & Venture Connect

The BC Business Match is an initiative developed by Community Futures and Venture Connect in collaboration with government and non-governmental partners.

Community Futures is a non-profit organization with 34 offices throughout the province with a focus on small business and community economic development in rural BC. Venture Connect is a subsidiary organization focused on business succession and transition in rural and non-metropolitan communities. Together with our partners we promote and support business and entrepreneur attraction and retention in non-metropolitan regions of British Columbia where unique lifestyle, relative affordability and career opportunities abound.