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Venture Connect is a subsidiary of 6 Island Coastal Community Futures offices and a working partner with the remaining Community Futures offices throughout BC.  With priority on rural BC, the subsidiary’s focus is business retention in BC during unprecedented demographic shifting and business transitions.


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Computer and Enterprise IT Solutions Provider and Reseller

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$ 675,000.00


Phone: 12504911111

Email: manager@businessfinderscanada.com

For over 30 years this business has specialized in offering expertise and customer service in computers and IT services in their community. They're a top reseller of the major brands and provide IT solutions from network installs, tech support and routine maintenance. Their contract customers include local government, school districts and several professional offices.
The business has diversified and include their own purpose built computers and instore financing.
This business is a true one-stop-shop.


Facilities Overview

A large 6,500 sq ft space in a high traffic neighbourhood.


Business Growth/Expansion

Continue to be a top competitor in the market by expanding warranty, leasing, renewal programs and corporate contracts.