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Cremation and Funeral Services

Okanagan Falls
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$ 5,200,000.00


Phone: 12504911111

Email: manager@businessfinderscanada.com

Business Type Service
Price $5,200,000
Real Estate Included Yes
Real Estate Value $2350000
Revenue $1,100,000
Cash Flow $275,000
Years in Business 16
Is Inventory Included No
Inventory 30000
Type of Sale Share

Business Description

Cremation and Funeral Service Business For Sale; 4 locations. Creativity, company branding and early adaption in a changing Death Care Industry have established this Cremation and Funeral Services business as the premiere choice in their home City and surrounding Communities. Its owners realized from the outset that in order to be compassionate while meeting with families and friends of their deceased love ones, there truly was a need to include more reasonably priced and personalized arrangements, moving away from traditional methods provided by Funeral Homes over the past decades.
This decision or intuitive sense has been well received in the areas that they serve, placing their growth on a steady incline during the past 16 years and on track for a 20% increase in calls for 2021.


Central downtown locations provide for easy access in our 4 Funeral Services locations, 2 within the City and two in the outlying Communities. All Funeral Homes are complete with office(s), kitchens, reception areas, three locations with embalming rooms, and our most recently renovated Facility includes a unique Heritage Guest Suite on the property. Our state-of-the-art Crematorium is conveniently located within a ten minute drive on the outskirts of the City. All of the latest technology was designed into this new Facility which was completed last year and has been fully operational since August of 2020 .


These two words definitely describe the Cremation and Funeral Services Industry as Canada's Baby Boomers are now part of our Senior population. Our business revenue will grow significantly over the next few decades as population statistics show us, and beyond that our successful business model is ideal to duplicate in other areas of British Columbia or across Canada.