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There Has Never Been a Better Time to Invest in BC

2 out of every 5 business owners in rural and non-metropolitan BC is expected to exit their business in the next 5 years. It's a buyer's market with an abundance of choice and competitive offers throughout the province. At the same time the rising cost of living and its impact on quality of life in large urban centers is leading some residents to start looking for alternativesWe're here to set you up with the right tools and resources to become an entrepreneur and help you get started on your next big (ad)venture.

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Doing Business in Unexpected Places

There are advantages to be had! When you buy a business in non-metro BC instead of starting new, the odds are in your favour! You have an automatic connection to customers and suppliers, plus local recognition and easier integration with the community's business resources and social environment. There's also:

  • Less competition from other businesses and the chance to corner the market
  • Shorter work commutes...or no commutes
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Good value for marketing (fewer providers, wider reach)
  • Proximity to nature and the outdoors
  • Living where your impact is felt and makes a difference
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Ask Yourself

  • Have you been thinking about starting or buying a business but don't know what options you have?

  • Are you tired of your current lifestyle and finding it hard to stay motivated? 

  • Are you looking for help and advice to guide your entrepreneurial journey?

  • Are you considering how you'd fit in with the lifestyle of a non-metro BC community?

  • Have you ever wondered how far your dollar could go if you lived in a different community?

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The BC Business Match is open to Canadian residents including New Canadians and Permanent Residents. 

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Receive free business mediation services and support from your Business Advisor as you navigate the details of your purchase. You will also be connected with local networks and resources in the community you have chosen. Our team will help document the terms and transition details you work out with the seller, and advise you on setting up your operations. We will work together to position you for success!