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Long-Standing, Busy & Profitable Auto Repair Shop

727 Pandora Ave, Vancouver Island
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$ 435,000.00


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Email: mike@chinookmabb.com

Entering its 55th year of business and its 35th year under the leadership of its current owner, this auto repair shop has enjoyed a long-established positive reputation and a history of profitability while taking care of people generation after generation.

This shop delivers timely repairs while maintaining good value to its clientele of business fleet clients and families alike. Contributing to their success is trustworthiness, the ability to provide excellent repairs and service, and the staff's unique interactions with customers. Further opportunities exist to focus on incorporating more technology, expanding staff base, or just hire another tech or two. The existing space can handle significant growth.

The robust profitability of this business makes it possible to hire a full-time manager to replace the current owner. As a result, this is a unique opportunity for both an individual owner/operator or buyer group. Everything is in place to keep profitability: great customer base, fantastic supplier relationships and excellent staff.