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2D/4D Mamarazzi Images Ultrasound Company

787 notre dame drive, Kamloops, Thompson-Nicola District
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Phone: 2507937839

Email: jenica.stephen@gmail.com

Mamarazzi Images ltd. is a mobile non-diagnostic 3D/4D ultrasound company based in Kamloops, BC. Bringing you the most professional AND comfortable family bonding experience in the comforts of our studio as well as offering in-home mobile appointments. We have been in business since 2016 as a sole proprietor and finally incorporated in January of 2019. 

We offer gender reveals at 15 weeks of gestation (hospitals will only determine at 20 weeks) Therefore, this is essential for those who are impatient and want to know baby's gender early.

Our machine is mobile therefore we can pack up and travel to different cities and homes. We set up to their TV using HDMI hookups and provide heartbeat recordings in the form of plush animals to offer as keepsakes to our clients for additional costs. 

Currently, we have only operated for 2 days per week out of our Kamloops location where we share with a local successful photographer. 

The sale of the company would include the machine purchase and training for the right person for up to 6 months and/or current staff. Staff does not need to be certified as a medical sonographer as this is strictly for entertainment purposes. We have proper documentation that has been approved by our lawyer.