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Profitable newspaper & media company

1170 5th ave, Valemount, Fraser-Fort George District
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Phone: 2505665135

Email: lauraishere@gmail.com

Are you a journalist or publisher looking for better job security? Are you seeking a lifestyle change, a move to a picturesque mountain town with a strong, lively community? Are you interested in taking over an established media company? This is your chance to own a successful newspaper business in one of BC’s up-and-coming towns!


Goat who?

The Rocky Mountain Goat, the main product of Rocky Mountain Goat Media Inc., is a multi-award-winning regional newspaper. The weekly print and online newspaper has been published for 11 years out of the mountain town of Valemount, BC, covering the Robson Valley (Prince George to Mt Robson to Valemount) and upper North Thompson (Albreda, Blue River). The newspaper was founded by two journalists who wanted to bring high-quality journalism to the area.

In 2019, the Goat bought out its direct competition, another newspaper, and became the only news outlet serving the region. We have a consistently high readership, a mix of subscriptions, sponsored copies and paid newsstand copies. The Goat has successfully weathered the storm during COVID-19 and has a firm financial footing. Over the past decade, the Goat has expanded into design services, book sales and a yearly magazine, all of which are profitable. We have a team of reliable support staff in place, including a part-time journalist. One of the current owners works full-time, and there is room for two full-time positions if jobs are restructured. From 2020-2021 we were blessed with a full-time Local Journalism Initiative Reporter who covered provincial and legislative issues for us and we’ve applied for a renewal of that contract. Other perks: We have excellent record keeping and bookkeeping systems, a solid relationship with our printer and courier, and an enviable downtown storefront in the heart of Valemount.


Growth Opportunities

Thanks to a consistent approach to marketing and sales, the newspaper continues to grow its revenue and reach. The growth in population and investment in the valley will translate into more potential advertisers and readers.


Local news

When it comes to journalism, the Robson Valley and North Thompson is a rich place, and at the nexus of many provincial and national issues: the forestry downturn and forestry policy, the Trans Mountain pipeline, railway transport & safety, the Boom & Bust economy created by Alberta’s oil resources, agriculture and ag policy, the potential development of geothermal power production, glacier loss due to climate change, backcountry management, and the Columbia River Treaty (the only treaty between the US and a Canadian province). Other provincial issues strongly represented in our area include international tourism, highway policies, rural education and rural healthcare. The Goat has been a pivotal voice that has helped advocate for policy changes for rural and northern residents and our stories have been picked up by news outlets across the country.


About Valemount & the Robson Valley

The Robson Valley & Upper North Thompson have about 4,000 residents. That population is augmented by heavy highway traffic and tourists—especially Asian and European visitors in the summer months and Albertan sledders and sled-skiers in the winter months. Valemount and McBride are outdoor recreation destinations, and increasingly desirable places to move to take advantage of the relatively affordable housing prices, fantastic views and friendly, caring communities. Their proximity to Mt. Robson Provincial Park and Jasper National Park make them an obvious stopping place for millions of tourists. Valemount is an exciting small community that boasts a micro-brewery, mountain bike park, and bountiful backcountry adventures in both summer and winter. 


Who we are looking for?

The Goat is seeking an enthusiastic, community-minded person or persons to dive into this rewarding enterprise. Right off the bat, you’ll be learning about issues at the heart of the community and getting to know the resilient and innovative people who live here. 

The current owners will consider a full buy-out, owner-financing or a business-partner model depending on the candidate’s means, but will favour a full buy-out. We are open to offers and can refer you to agencies that offer loans and assistance for small business buys. We are also available to provide training and assistance during the transition period.