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Tiny's bones and Scones

P.o. box 14 blind bay, Sorrento, Columbia-Shuswap District
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Phone: 250 307 0388

Email: Tinyblossoms13@gmail.com

Small business Opportunity 

A healthy dog treat business that uses upcycled grains from the brewing process.

These tasty treats are sugarless and dairy free and I created the glaze myself.

The process for these is a 3 step .

I found a niche market to sell in and have had this product  in 25 locations in the past.

Currently sitting in about 9 locations,  ready to scale up for summer.

I had this product  sitting on the sales desk at Pet Planet one year ago but have not upscaled  it yet as we need a co packer or a team of employees to increase production. 

Easily done, though. 

My other dream with these  is to make a six pack of dog treats, modelled after a beer case of 6  and sell in liquor and convenience  stores.


I am told the packaging and grains sell themselves and dogs love them 

I think the humans are far more attracted to the eye appeal , myself?

I am pursuing my other business and need to sell of this one.

Ideal for someone just wanting to start up and has a smaller budget.

All equipment,  packaging , ingredients,  and current sales locations and lists.