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7 Room Boutique Hotel in Barkerville Historic Park

box 206, Wells, Cariboo District
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Phone: 2509942345

Email: info@stayinbarkerville.ca

7 Room Boutique in Barkerville Historic Park. A recreation of the 1898 Hotel run by Madame Bendixson.  Opened in 1997, re-renovated in 2010, and 2018.  It's the only hotel operating in the park, and competes with 2 small b&b's inside the gate and a limited number of accommodation options outside the park.  You operate as a licensee under contract with the Barkerville Heritage Trust.  They own the building and some assets and you own the majority of the assets.(existing assets of the current owner for sale for inclusion at $25,000).  Barkerville is the largest historic site of its kind in Western North America, contains three National Historic Sites embedded in a Provincial Heritage Park, and is undergoing qualification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  80,000 visitors annually. over 160 authentic buildings, a variety of live action interpretive programs, privately licensed businesses, and an enormous archival collection, including the largest Chinese collection in Canada. Special events are organized for most weekends throughout the operating season.

The St. George Hotelhas a full industrial quality kitchen and we currently serve buffet breakfast on Victorian Silver Tea service. As well, the site includes a fully renovated and modern staff accommodation area, and an office. 90% of our accommodation pre-books and 40-60% book before the season opens in May. We and Barkerville engage in year round promotional activities, and we actively pursue groups, and specialty bookings such as weddings, re-unions, clubs. We also provide services for BC Ferries Gold Rush route, and are the go-to accommodation for tourism media writers generated by Destination BC and the Cariboo Tourism Association.

The location, in the center of the street insures great exposure, and offers attractive options for people with mobility issues.  7 rooms all have access to a street-side balcony. 3 rooms have modern ensuites and 4 rooms share two baths in pairs.  It is both a fun opportunity and a requirement for you and your staff to interpret the period and provide historical information about the history of the building and the region for your guests.

Wells is the nearest community, (8 km), and provides staff, additional accommodation, some supplies.  Food is delivered by GFS or Sysco Food Services and a regional food supplier(Shoppers Wholesale), 2ce weekly.  Quesnel has a regional airport and all supplies and services. (80 km).  Prince George (150 km) has an international airport with a developing connection to Asia.  Barkerville is the premier and singular destination for all travellers to the north.  Bowron Lake Park is adjacent and attracts world visitors to one of the 10 best canoe trips on the planet.  Wells has a vibrant arts and entertainment community, and an art school.

140 day operating season. Occupancy varies by the month, with the most room to grow in the early season(May June). Occupancy rates are 70-80% annually. From 2017 to 2019 gross revenue increased by 34% and net profit by 24% despite two wildfire seasons. The buyer would purchase year two to 5 of the operating license with a guaranteed rollover each 5 year period (subject to compliance with the terms of the licensing agreement.) Guaranteed $100,000 income with positive signs of growth to near 100% occupancy. Also plenty of room for incremental increases in room prices. Expenses vary depending on management of the food services, and staffing. 

This is an enjoyable seasonal business, with a significant guaranteed income, tremendous advertising support, personal or staff accommodation, recent extensive renovations, and a positive working environment inside the park.  Currently enjoying a 26% ROI. Contact us for more information.